Little Long Lake

Membership in the Little Long Lake Campers' Association is open to all campers on the Lake. Association dues for 2023 remain $30.00 per family. If you haven't joined yet, please do! We can accomplish good things as a group! Please send your check to:
LLL Campers' Association, PO Box 175, Woodgate, NY 13494      Thank you!

To contact the Lake Association, please email
  • Read the latest edition of Life on the Lake Newsletter (Late July 2023) here!
    The Newsletter has dates and times for all the upcoming events on the Lake this summer! Big Thanks (as always) to Jeanne J. at Camp 276!

  • The LLL Lending Library is back!
    The Library is located on the Lake side of the road at The Last Resort, Camp 276, and is open 24/7 until Mid October. Please stop by to check out the book selection and maybe drop off a book to share. The success of the Library depends upon all of us to keep the books circulating. So if you have a great read to share, or if you’re looking for your next great read, please stop by!

  • LLL Ice Breakup!   <-- Click the link to watch the ice go out on the Lake! (Thanks to Camp 214!)

  • Lake WebCams  There's a new webcam on the Lake, with a great view from near the Narrows. Thanks very much to our Lake Neighbor who purchased, installed, and hosts this camera!
        For the BIG Batch 'o SnowCams, go here or here!

  • Lake Assessment Reports  Little Long Lake is sampled and tested for water quality every year.

  • Paul Smith's College Adirondack Watershed Institute has a very instructive youtube channel with lots of information about invasive aquatic plants in the Adirondacks. Find it here.

  • There are changes to New York State's boating regulations! Beginning in 2020 NYS began a phase-in-by-age law that will require all motorized boat and personal watercraft operators to pass a boater safety course and to carry a NYS boater safety card by January 1, 2025. Find out more about this required New York State Boating Safety Certificate here. Take a safety course online and obtain your official New York State Boating Safety Certificate FOR FREE here.

  • LLL Area Maps  A few old and newer maps of the area around Little Long Lake. (For the complete collection of USGS topo maps for New York State go here. The index map is here).

  • LLL Area Trails  Some of the trails around Little Long Lake.

  • LLL Area Photos  Some photos of the area around Little Long Lake.

  • Dump your trash at the Boonville Transfer Station. $2.50 per trash bag; recyclables & old TVs are free. You can dump trash bags for free at the Town of Webb Transfer Station in Old Forge.

  • Read the official Town of Forestport News Page

  • Woodgate Post Office      Woodgate Free Library      Loons!      Hummingbirds!

  • To report downed wires or a power outage to National Grid, call: 1-800-867-5222
    Or report online here.

  • NYS Boating Regulations  Be safe on the water!      DEC Bear Guidance - 7/27/14   And in the woods!

  • Tick-borne Diseases in the Adirondacks? For years entomologists and other researches did not consider Lyme and other tick-borne diseases to be a threat in the Adirondacks--many thought northern NY was outside the range of the blacklegged tick. This is changing, as infected ticks and small mammals have been found in most northern NY counties. Please take all the tick precautions at camp you would take at home. Check for ticks every day, and have a happy and healthy Summer!

  • Little Long Lake weather: (Click on a day for expanded weather info)
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