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Approximate Distances (one way)
from the end of the LLL Road:
To Otter Lake: 2.4 mi.
To Round Pond: 4.4 mi.
To Brandy Lake: 4.0 mi.
To Round Lake Road: 7.5 mi.
To NYS Trail on LLL: 4.9 mi.
To Nazareth Dam Road: 6.2 mi.

Click on a trail segment for more information:

LLL Road to Snowmobile Trl C7

Snowmobile Trl to Otter Lake Junct

Otter Lake Junct to Otter Lake Dam

Otter Lake Junct to "New Trail" Junct

"New Trail" Junct to Round Pond

"New Trail" Junct to Brandy Lk Junct

Brandy Lake Junct to Round Lake Rd

Brandy Lake Junct to Brandy Lake

Brandy Lake to Little Long Lake

Brandy Lake Trl to the LLL Narrows

Brandy Lake Trail to NYS Campsite

NYS Campsite to Camp Nazareth

Camp Nazareth to White Lake

Little Long Lake Road to Snowmobile Trail C7 - Length 1.2 miles Back to map
Unmarked trail from the Camp Association property at the end of the Lake road to the intersection with snowmobile trail C7. Pleasant winding up-and-down single-track trail partly along a very old skidder road. The trail ends at a T intersection with the snowmobile trail. Turn right for Rt 28 (in 0.2 mi), turn left for the junction with the trail to Otter Lake (in 0.2 mi.). A challenging mountain bike ride.

Snowmobile Trail Junction to Otter Lake Junction - Length 0.2 miles Back to map
Snowmobile trail C7 is essentially a minimally improved logging road, wide enough for snowmobiles to pass side-by-side. Junctions are marked with NYSDEC signs, and the trail is (mostly) marked with red NYSDEC disks. This segment runs downhill to a snowmobile bridge that crosses Purgatory Creek and the outlet from Otter Lake, then uphill to a junction with the trail to Otter Lake. Easy mountain biking. The LLL trail/C7 intersection is located at (GPS): 43°34'28.93"N 75°08'1.15"W. The Otter Lake trail junction is at (GPS): 43°34'32.65"N 75°08'13.01"W.

Otter Lake Junction to Otter Lake - Length 1.0 miles Back to map
Unmarked single track trail (although ATV traffic has widened the trail in places). Rocky in some areas and with several ATV bogs. For most of its length this is a challenging mountain bike ride. The Otter Lake dam is at (GPS): 43°35'13.49"N 75°07'32.58"W.

Otter Lake Junction to "New Trail" Junction - Length 0.7 miles Back to map
This section of snowmobile trail C7 is mostly flat and level. It swings along the northernmost tip of Little Long Lake, dips to cross the outlet from Lost Pond on a snowmobile bridge, then rises to a three-trail junction. Although this is an old trail intersection, a NYSDEC sign reading "New Trail" gives it a convenient name. From this junction you can take the trail to Round Pond and the Moose River Road, or continue on C7 to the Brandy Lake junction. The "New Trail" junction is at (GPS): 43°34'39.09"N 75°08'22.38"W.
CAREFUL! When reading the NYSDEC signs don't confuse "Round Pond" (north toward the Moose River) with "Round Lake" or "Round Lake Road" (south and west of Little Long Lake).

"New Trail" Junction to Round Pond - Length 2.3 miles Back to map
This wide, marked trail can be steep, rocky, and wet in places. For most of its length this is a reasonably easy mountain bike ride. Round Pond camped area is 2.3 mi. from the junction at (GPS): 43°35'49.66"N 75°08'26.38"W. Continuing past Round Pond is the Moose River Road at 2.7 mi. You can also reach Lost Pond from about 1.5 mi. up this trail, but the visit requires a trailless bushwhack east over and down a steep shoulder to Lost Pond.

"New Trail" Junction to Brandy Lake Junction - Length 1.3 miles Back to map
This segment continues on snowmobile trail C7. Wide and mostly dry, with two snowmobile bridges over small streams. An easy mountain bike ride. Brandy Lake junction is at (GPS): 43°34'17.82"N 75°08'59.62"W.

Brandy Lake Junction to Round Lake Road - Length 3.1 miles Back to map
Continuing on snowmobile trail C7, this segment swings north and west of Brandy Lake and south to end in a meadow just north of Round Lake Road. The southernmost section of the segment runs through an easement across Masonic Home Camp land. There are several rocky (and sometimes wet) pitches before Masonic land is reached, but otherwise this is a pleasant mountain bike ride. The Round Lake Road trailhead is well marked at (GPS): 43°32'26.72"N 75°10'22.85"W.

Brandy Lake Junction to Brandy Lake - Length 0.6 miles Back to map
This short single-track trail is marked with blue NYSDEC "Foot Trail" disks. The trail gradually rises toward Brandy, but is often wet just before the Lake is reached. This is a possible mountain bike ride. The trail reaches Brandy Lake at (GPS): 43°34'00.83"N 75°09'09.03"W.

Brandy Lake to Little Long Lake - Length 0.9 miles Back to map
As this single-track trail leaves Brandy Lake to the south the way can be confusing. There was once a distinct trail leading directly east-south-east to private property on Little Long Lake, but only a few old blazes remain. The NYS trail is occasionally marked with blue NYSDEC "Foot Trail" disks, but these change to yellow disks as the NYS trail continues. The going is winding with quick changes in elevation, and sometimes threads amidst chunky stone blocks. This would be a challenging mountain bike ride. The trail swings around private property (indicated by the red lines on the index map here) and ends at a large cove on the north shore of Little Long Lake. The trail is well marked on the shoreline at (GPS): 43°33'29.89"N 75°09'17.03"W.

Brandy Lake to the Narrows on Little Long Lake - Length 0.7 miles Back to map
At approximately 0.4 mi. down the NYS Brandy Lake trail to Little Long Lake an old trail diverges to the south (at about GPS: 43°33'48.06"N 75°09'08.53"W). This trail continues to the north shore of Little Long Lake at the Lake Narrows. This trail is in fact a remnant of the old coach road that once ran north from the Round Lake Road across Little Long Lake to The Moose Settlement on the Moose River. You can see the route of this road on the Town of Forestport Map of 1907 and on the USGS McKeever Quadrangle of 1912 here. This old trail is marked with weathered blue-green paint blazes. Unfortunately, the trail leaves NYS land before it reaches the Lake Narrows (at about GPS: 43°33'40.32"N 75°09'06.41"W). The trace of the trail on the index map here is ended at the red private property line boundary.

Bushwhack from Brandy Lake Trail to NYS Campsite - Length ~0.5 miles Back to map
There is no existing trail connecting the NYS trail from Brandy Lake with the NYS campsite on the north shore of Little Long Lake. To link the two entails a bushwhack of about 0.5 miles (or more) through thick forest over somewhat rough terrain. A possible route is shown on the index map by the red and yellow dotted trace. If traveling south it is probably best to leave the Brandy trail early (as shown on the map) so as to avoid low and sometimes wet areas just back from the lake shoreline.

NYS Campsite to Camp Nazareth - Length 0.8 miles Back to map
There is a well marked trail from just west of the NYS campsite along the lakeshore to the end of the Camp Nazareth dam road. The NYS campsite is at (GPS): 43°33'20.93"N 75°09'28.73"W. The campsite is well marked with NYSDEC yellow "Foot Trail" disks, and the lake trail to Nazareth is marked with square yellow plastic blazes. This attractive trail runs right along the lake, rising as it comes to the stone pallasades across from Camp Nazareth. Perhaps half the trail is on NYS land; the rest is on Camp Nazareth property. The trace on the index map on this page ends at the Camp Nazareth property line.

Camp Nazareth to White Lake Back to map
Years ago Camp Nazareth owned land between Little Long Lake and White Lake and the Camp built two lean-tos on the shore of White Lake. There was a trail over the height-of-land so that Nazareth campers could reach White Lake. The remains of the lean-tos are still there, as is the trail from Camp Nazareth (marked with orange-painted metal disks). Because this is private property the trace of this trail is not shown on the index map.

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