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Little Long Lake

Our beautiful Little Long Lake has a surface area of about 158 acres and a shoreline of about 6.8 miles. The Lake's watershed is about 4,000 acres of (mostly) minimally developed forest land.

The Adirondack Lake Assessment Program (ALAP) is a partnership between PROTECT, the Adirondack Watershed Institute at Paul Smith’s College (AWI), and project sponsors and lake monitors. ALAP was established in 1998 to help develop a comprehensive and up-to-date database of water quality conditions in the Adirondack Park. Little Long Lake has participated in the ALAP lake water sampling program since 1999.

Little Long Lake water samples are taken in June, July, and August. Water samples are analyzed for pH, alkalinity, conductivity, color, nitrates, chlorophyll, and total phosphorus concentrations. Among the threats to Adirondack lakes are acid rain and phosphorous, which can lead to unnatural algae blooms and the growth of unwanted aquatic plants. Water testing monitors the Lake for any changes in water quality.


  • The 2021 Little Long Lake Water Assessment Report is available here.

  • In the Summer of 2016 the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation surveyed the fish population of Little Long Lake (the Lake was previously surveyed in 1991, 2001, 2003, and 2006). The NYSDEC Fishery Survey of Long Lake (9 pages) is available here. There was no expense to the LLL Campers' Association for this survey.

  • In 2016 Little Long Lake was surveyed for the presence of invasive species (both plants and animals) by the Adirondack Aquatic Invasive Species Response Team from Paul Smith's College. Notes about the survey and the full survey report are available here (there was no expense to the LLL Campers' Association for this survey).

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